The Trapezoid: a story of four friends

Akash is the heir of a successful businessman, but his father’s untimely demise made him stare at dwindling fortunes. George, a police officer, is an orphan brought up in a ‘home’. He wished, like his friends, he had a mother who would love him. Simran is a doctor raised by her stepmother who ill-treats her. Mou has a knack for art but her actress mother envied her for her youth, beauty and talent.

The inseparable friends from college overcomes their sorrows to win a new lease of life, but will they be able to hold on to their successes, or will greed, arrogance, pride and distrust turn them into worst enemies?

From the author of Sea of Kashmir and Republic of Wisdomia comes a psychological fiction The Trapezoid: a story of four friends.

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