The Man, the Ghost, and the Proposition of God

Apurba Sundar Sarkar, 43, dies in a road accident and goes to heaven. In heaven he meets the members of ‘the conglomerate’ – the gods/ prophets of all religions he knows. He finds the conglomerate to be a mutual admiration society which claims to take collective (often unanimous) decisions in the ‘interest’ of mankind. Apurba cannot come to terms with his untimely death and pleads with the conglomerate to grant him permission to return to earth to complete certain unfinished tasks for the benefit of his distressed family. With a leave granted for few days, Apurba returns as a ghost (with special powers) to manipulate one thing after another in an urge to make the remaining life of his family that much easier. But in the process he forgets where to stop, until one day, when he oversteps into a plan made by the conglomerate, he finds himself standing face to face in conflict with GOD.

Will Apurba defy god?
Can he win the uneven contest?
Will god’s claim of protecting the welfare of mankind prove to be a farce?
Is Karma the only basis of truth?

From the author of The Fragrance of Rose and Sea of Kashmir comes The Man, the Ghost, and the Proposition of God, a fun-filled Dark Comedy/Thriller which will quash the conventional belief system.

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